Ülker:  a brand name not limited by time and space

Ülker, whose history goes back to 1944, is one of the best loved brand names in Turkey. Founded and built in the 20th century, the Ülker brand, riding on its phenomenal momentum, was carried into the 21st century, seemingly unlimited by time and space.   With its roots in tradition but reaching toward the future, Ülker is a name that continues to focus on the sociological and economic wellbeing of the community, but in parallel with that side of its existence, the organization is gaining new meaning. For the timeless Ülker brand, there seems to be no end in sight. 

During the early years of the company, the Ülker brand manufactured more and more products with the functional benefits of qualities of taste, safety and nutrition.  In the years that followed, the name Ülker became synonymous with happy memories and the intrinsic values of trust, honesty and affinity. Ülker became part of the daily lives of many Turkish families and slowly but surely became entwined in the lives of consumers.

Surveys conducted in conjunction with the 65th anniversary of Ülker discovered that people of all ages and backgrounds have a memory or anecdote associated with an Ülker product. Some of them have are still enjoying happy moments with the Ülker brand; some are just discovering the new tastes and significance of the brand.  Ülker is associated with “happy moments and memories” experienced by people of all ages. The love that consumers and communities have for the Ülker brand is a unique phenomenon. Research shows that the Ülker brand is the second most recognized brand in Turkey, in all categories.  In its own category, Ülker is the most beloved brand name of all.

Ülker is a subsidiary of Yıldız Holding. Its association with Ülker has benefitted Yıldız Holding in its business activities and added value to its other subsidiary brands. Ülker was the first subsidiary of Yıldız Holding and is its main brand.

Today, Ülker has hundreds of sub-brands that serving the consumers and holding a strong presence in the marketplace. The brands all share the same principles and values of Ülker manufacturing a wide span of products such as biscuits, chocolate, candy, chewing gum, liquid oil, dairy products, carbonated beverages, ice cream, coffee and baby food.   

Besides being Yıldız Holding’s “trademark” brand of food products, Ülker represents the cohesiveness of the organization. Since 1944, the company’s industrial, managerial, marketing and sales, advertising and customer relations activities have been based on the corporate culture established by the Ülker name. This is what makes Ülker more than just a brand name.


The first Pötibör biscuits were manufactured under the Ülker brand name in 1944. Pötibör biscuits are still a favorite with consumers. As a new brand, Ülker entered the competitive market that was dominated by well-established brand names such as Lüks, Ideal, Ha. In competing with these brands, Ülker's distribution network in Anatolia gave the company a competitive advantage. Ülker began to be known by all people in Turkey, not only those who lived in Istanbul.

The company opened its factory in Topkapi Davutpasa in 1965 and began manufacturing Ülker brand products in the new, modern facility. An unforgettable slogan was created for the Ülker brand and was used in radio and television advertising. The slogan's message, "It's not teatime without Ülker", was one reason for the brand's growth in popularity.

Investment in a chocolate manufacturing facility began in 1972 and the factory went into service and began the first production of the Ülker brand of chocolate in 1974. The company became a producer of Ülker brand chocolate, as well as Ülker brand biscuits. The policy of the company to sell Ülker brand chocolate products at reasonable prices destroyed the widely held notion that chocolate had to be an expensive, deluxe product. The price that was written on the packaging remained the same despite the period of inflation that was plaguing the country. Even during that difficult economic time, people could still afford to buy Ülker brand chocolate.

1974 was significant because that year the Ülker company established its first R&D Department, to serve both its biscuit and chocolate factories. As a result of the work of the R&D unit, Ülker began to manufacture a wider variety of products. With the beginning of television broadcasting in Turkey during the early 1970's, the company added television to its traditional advertising channels of radio and newspapers.

One of its more recent products is Cola Turka, introduced in the Turkish market in 2003. The advertisement of Cola Turka featured actor Chevy Chase and according to local sources Coca-Cola cut 10% off its prices due to the success of the Cola Turka launch.

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